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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

After Christchurch shootings video Posting, The head of Microsoft Says “Tech Industry Needs a 'Major Event' Protocol”

The unfolding of the Christchurch shootings video on social media, and recurrent tries to get rid of copies of the video exposed one among the technology industry’s ugliest issues.
the head of microsoft
The head of Microsoft Says “Tech Industry Needs a 'Major Event' Protocol”

The head of Microsoft Brad Smith asks tech corporations to figure along to form a toolkit which will enable them to quickly, and effectively, stop the distribution of violent, extremist content. like Christchurch shootings In a post, he invite to as on the technology trade to make a “major event” protocol, wherever representatives from the owners of huge technology, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft, would work along from a command center throughout an event, and overpassed competition for the sake of serving the bigger public smart.

The head of Microsoft wrote: 

Across the tech sector, we need to do more. Especially for those of us who operate social networks or digital communications tools or platforms that were used to amplify the violence, it’s clear that we need to learn from and take new action based on what happened in Christchurch.
Facebook same fewer than two hundred individuals watched the killer’s live stream on Facebook Live, however, the social network removed one.5 million videos showing footage of the shooting within the twenty-four hours when the massacre. within the aftermath, YouTube conjointly struggled to prevent the proliferation of the videos. Reddit conjointly prohibited r/watchpeopledie subreddit, when footage of the shooting unbroken showing on the message board.

The head of Microsoft (Brad Smith) said also the world net Forum to Counteract of terrorism is Associate in the nursing example of however collaboration will profit the larger public. The group, which has YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft, came along quite 2 years agone with the mission to prevent the unfold of terrorist content on their platforms. the businesses have collaborated on shared info of content, and have developed icon, video, and text-based machine learning tools that facilitate stop the unfold of extremist content across their platforms like Christchurch mosque shootings in NZ.

The head of Microsoft said: 

These technologies were used more than a million times in 24 hours to stop the distribution of the video from Christchurch,
However, he acknowledged that technology alone won't be enough to resolve the matter.
We need to consider and discuss additional controls or other measures that human beings working at tech companies should apply when it comes to the posting of this type of violent material. There are legal responsibilities that need to be discussed as well, the head of Microsoft said. “It’s a complicated topic with important sensitivities in some parts of the tech sector. But it’s an issue whose importance can no longer be avoided.

This event (Christchurch shootings) left a lot of reactions due to the horror of videos or images posted on those sites after fifty people were killed in the shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday, March 15.

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